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  • First Time Buyers of iHerb Products

    • A discount scheme from iHerb for first time buyers
    • A list of health and beauty products from iHerb.com
    • Tips for first time buyers of iHerb products

    First time customers usually are at a loss when it comes to buying new products. That is what iHerb is anticipating when we released this iHerb coupon for first time customers.


    We understand the dilemma of these first time buyers. Most of the time they don’t know exactly what they need to purchase, considering that there are so many products with identical features. And so we made this iHerb coupon for first time customers because we want them to choose the best products for their health and beauty needs.

    By having this coupon, though, they now have enough time to choose that item that satisfies their tastes and needs, because they are no longer distracted by the monetary aspect of their purchasing. What with a discounted item can do to a prospective buyer?  So this iHerb coupon for first time customers is our way of valuing the choices of our customers in relation to our products.

    We offer only the best deals in town, whether it’s a food supplement or pregnancy items for your new baby, iHerb is there for you. And since you’re a first time buyer, we are offering you something that would make your shopping with us worth your while.

    This iHerb coupon for first time customers that we’re offering shows you how we care about our clients. We don’t want you to have headaches on your first day of shopping with us. Select the best item from our list of products and get that discount right away.

    We value first time buyers like no other, and we offer them this iHerb coupon for first time customers as a way of valuing their presence and patronage over our products.

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  • The Top Five Ways to Survive Marathon Training            


    Marathons can be brutal. Sometimes the weather is nice and sometimes it’s horrid. Marathons can be crowded, violent (depending on your competitors), and don’t always provide the best running course. Even with all of these factors this article aims to give you the top five ways to survive this brutal sport: Staying hydrated can be your best friend in any given situation. It doesn’t matter if its 30° below zero, your body still generates heat and needs water. Water is the lubrication of your system and without it you won’t go very far. Most marathons have stations set up where you can grab a quick cup of water as you run by, but this isn’t always available. It can be very inconvenient to run around with a water bottle, as well. Luckily, there are things called camel packs which allow you to essentially wear a backpack filled with water. They are light, and don’t slow you down and can hold up to a gallon of water so you’ll have more than enough to finish your race.

    A pilot cannot fly without a plane just as you cannot run without a good pair of shoes. There aren’t too many marathons out there that allow you to go barefoot so having the right pair of sneakers is essential. When purchasing a new set of shoes it’s imperative that you find one that offers good arch-support. If your feet lack good arch-support in a pair of running shoes you stand a chance of becoming flat-footed which is when your feet cease to have a shape on the bottom.  This makes it much more difficult to run. You should also look for pair that are snug like the Best trail shoes Runnerclick, but allow your feet to breathe. This will help prevent athlete’s foot and other fungi. You don’t have to go broke when looking for shoes, but don’t go for the cheapest pairs either, because you will end up paying for it, with injuries and discomfort, in the end. Running the course before the actual marathon will allow you to decide if you’re capable of finishing it. Every course is different and each has its own pitfalls, so why not figure out what they are before the big race day? It’s also a great way to train for the event because you know what you’re up against. Running 10 miles on one course is not the same as running 10 miles on another. If you currently aren’t in the area where the marathon will take place, then try to reconstruct it as best as you can where you are currently living. Pay special attention to parts of the track that go uphill and downhill, and see if you can work that into your “mock” marathon track.

    Just because your legs are the main instruments for running marathons, doesn’t mean that the rest of your body can’t help. Doing other types of exercise such as weight-lifting, mainly focusing on your upper body, can complement your marathon training. It’s not always possible to exercise one specific body part day after day. Your legs need rest in order to recuperate and to develop properly. However, this doesn’t mean you don’t have to exercise for the day. By mixing it up a little, you can help develop your body even quicker by doing push-ups, sit-ups, and anything else that doesn’t use your legs. This gives you enough time to rest and progress faster while keeping you in tip-top shape.

    The final tip on how to survive marathon training is to get plenty of sleep. We only have X amount of energy in our bodies. The only way to properly replenish it is to get a good night’s rest. At least eight hours of sleep is recommended, and it has even been suggested to throw in an extra hour right before the marathon. Anything short of that will leave your muscles wanting more energy that simply isn’t there. You may not feel a difference with that extra hour of sleep that night, but once you become closer to the finish line the effects will definitely show themselves. Don’t short-change yourself by being nervous and losing sleep the night before.

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  • So What’s SUP?

    ***Author note. This post was written in June 2014, but for whatever reason, never got published. So, the new year seems like a good time to make it happen! Especially as we sit here with a cold winter day and I am dreaming of warmer weather*****

    Early spring last year (2013), my neighbor, Bobbi, happened to mention she saw people SUPing on our local state park beach the previous summer. I had been intrigued for a while, seeing pictures in magazines, on the internet, etc.

    In case you don’t know, SUP is Stand Up Paddleboard. Basically, it’s a surf board with a paddle, typically on calmer water. SUPing can be on rivers, lakes, the ocean, or really, anywhere that is deep enough for the fin on the bottom of the board.


    After Bobbi told me she saw it at the beach, I started googling (of course). I found out that a local company, Project 908, would be giving free demos at that same beach. Of course I signed up. Anyone that knows me can tell you how much I LOVE water.  As far as I know, I always have. It’s a long story for another day…..I really just want to talk about SUP.

    I met my friend, Andrea, at the beach that day and we tried it out. I LOVED it. So much fun and even for the short time I was on the board, it felt relaxing. I couldn’t wait to try it out again and luckily, I got to SUP again that summer.

    Fast forward to 2014….. Bobbi and I had picked a few days to try to rent some boards before the kids were out of school for the summer. Ohio weather is so unpredictable, we had to cancel those. Luckily, Nate, the owner of Project 908, scheduled another demo at the beach. I was able to go for a little while and try it out again to see if I really liked it as much as my memory thought I did. Yes, yes, I did.

    I was lucky enough to be able to get a couple boards for the weekend. Saturday, was family day out on the lake. I took turns with both boys taking them on the boards with me.

    Getting the little one comfortable before I stood up

    Then Jeff also tried SUPing for the first time. Once he got his “sea” legs, he enjoyed it, too.

    They look very comfortable in my garage….Can I keep them? 🙂
    Sunday morning was the real test. Bobbi and I headed to the beach for her first time SUPing. I was hoping she loved it as much as I do because I wanted to adventure further from the beach area. It was too hard with the kids there to be able to do that on Saturday.
    She stood up, paddled a little bit around the beach area, then proclaimed herself ready for adventure. The water was calm, there wasn’t much of a breeze, it was the perfect morning to be out there! There were a few boats out, but nothing much. We paddled out of the beach area and toward the marina. We saw a crane, geese, ducks, and some BIG jumping fish. It was awesome! This was a perfect way to start my day.
    Someday, I WILL have my own board so I can go anytime the mod strikes me. In the meantime, I will have to beg rides off friends and continue to rent boards from Nate at Project 908; his boards are fantastic.
    Have you ever tried to SUP? Have you ever surfed? My next “water” goal is to try either surfing or SUP on the ocean instead of calm water. Might be a lofty goal, but I think it looks like fun!
    Enjoy life my friends, One Mile at a Time!
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  • Happy New Year!

    Well, it’s been a REALLY long time since I’ve been on here. 2014 was quite the year. It was a lesson in life for so many reasons. We ended 2014/started 2015 exactly the way I want this new year to continue; with friends, family, and LOTS of laughter.

    This past year taught me a lot about myself. I grew in many different ways. Some of the highlights of 2014 that I didn’t take the time to write about:
    • Mohican Forget the PR 25k Trail Race
    Not sure of what mile this way, but just look at that waterfall!
    This was the hardest and most beautiful race I have ever run. I would run it again if I hadn’t missed out on the registration—it sold out in less than a day! The scenery, wow, I just can’t say enough about it. We had a fun hike through the river, a hand over hand climb up the roots of a tree, and hills bigger and steeper than any that I’ve attempted running. Yes, I will be back again!
    • Volunteering at Playin’ Possum 50k. I was originally supposed to run this one, but well, LIFE, got in the way last year and I didn’t get the training in. So, I did the next best thing and volunteered! I love volunteering for trail races; it is such a great experience and if I don’t run the race this year, I will definitely be helping the runners again! And by the way, if you’ve ever thought about running a 50k and live in central OH (or can get here easily) REGISTER for this race!!!! From the Race Directors, to the runners, to the course, this is TOP NOTCH. Plus, it’s a gentle course, so for the first time going this distance, it’s a good one.
    • Spent a few weekends on the water teaching friends and family how to SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) with the help of  Project 908.
      Trying to keep my balance and try SUP Yoga all at the same time.

      SUP is one of my all time favorite things to do. The time I spend paddling on the water, is so calming and peaceful, I feel so refreshed when I’m done! Nate, the owner of Project 908 makes his own boards right here in central Ohio and they are awesome! If I ever have some spare money lying around, I will definitely be buying a board from him.  In the meantime, I will keep renting them every chance I get!

    • We rented a beach house with three other friends’ families and had a BLAST! (and I got to introduce the ladies to SUP in the Outer Banks!) We will be vacationing with friends again this year, in fact, the reservations have already been made and we’re going to try out a different beach that most of us haven’t been to yet.
    • I started a job (outside of being a mom). Yes, this could partially explain where the rest of my “free” time went. A fantastic opportunity presented itself where I can work part-time from home and I took it. It’s been a learning experience for the whole family; trying to balance working with the kids’ schedules, school, volunteer activities, running, exercise, etc. It’s a constantly adjusting schedule, but I am enjoying it and I’m thankful for the opportunity.
    • KickBoxing. I tried it. I love it! My amazing friend, Bobbi (who is currently building her blog), had been bugging encouraging me to try the class for a while, but I was afraid. Kickboxing?! Not for me. So a few other lovely ladies that I attend other fitness classes with finally convinced me. Cardio Kickboxing. I went. I almost passed out (yes, it’s that hard of a class), and I LOVED it. It’s such a different workout and I felt amazing when we were done. Of course, I’ve been back every week! This amazing woman (and fitness instructor, wellness coach, and fantastic friend) has brought me outside of my comfort zone and introduced me to many things that I now really enjoy. She started fitness challenges to help us manage our weight through the holidays (most of us even lost weight instead of gained during the holidays!), I’ve discovered important things about how my body works (apparently HIIT and heavier weights is the way to go). She writes workout calendars for us along with “extra” exercises for every day and I’m excited to see what we accomplish in 2015! (side note: if you want in on the challenges, let me know. I can get you connected with her!
    These are just a few of the highlights from my year. We had TONS of fun family adventures, I had the pleasure of introducing some runners to the wonders of the trails, and we are just enjoying life every day.
    I don’t set New Year’s Resolutions, but I do try to plan out some goals for the year.
    In 2015,
    • I plan to run more trails (I didn’t do this nearly enough in 2014)
    • Continue with the variety of exercise; running (because I do still love it), kickboxing, hopefully more Barre classes, and weight training
    • I’m striving to live more simply, to live in the moment
    • Spend quality time with good friends (like I said, the way we ended 2014 is the way I plan to continue!)
    • Have exciting adventures with my family
    • Continue practicing gratitude every day
    • Keep up with my hobbies that often get pushed to the side (scrapbooking is one of these and luckily, I have a great group of women that I go on Scrapbooking weekends with so that helps me keep up!)
    • Spend more time paddling on the water
    There will be more goals, I’m sure, as the year goes on; but I’ve learned to focus on today more than anything in this past year.
    Enjoy life, my friends, One Mile at a Time…..
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  • Seamus O’Possum 30k Trail Footrace Recap

    From start to finish, this was another top-notch race. Race packet pick-up was Friday night or Saturday before the race. I had volunteered to help at the packet pick-up Friday night and then when the location was changed to Staas Brewing Company, well, that just made it perfect! We sat around enjoying a Stass brew and chatting with everyone that came in to pick-up their stuff. The trail/ultra running community is simply the kindest, most humble and friendly group of people you may ever meet. I enjoyed making more friends before the race.

    Sole Sisters!
    Photo credit to Ran Cidgoat (Doug)

    This is the most under-trained I have ever been for a race, so I knew going into Saturday there would be more walking than I typically would do during a 30k. I had corresponded with Mark (one of the awesome race directors) a few times prior to the race mentioning that I wasn’t sure I was up for the race this year based on everything else going on in my life. He convinced me to try it and I’m glad I listened. Also, Katie wouldn’t hear of me not going, she said “I’ll be by your side. We have all day and I have nowhere else to be.”

    No expectations for this race combined with the tasty beer from Staas and I had my best pre-race night sleep I think I’ve ever had. Hmmm… I may be onto something here.

    Race morning came and the temperature was warmer than I had originally thought so I changed my mind about clothing (again) and headed up to Delaware State Park, home of the Possum Races. Parking was easy as usual and we were able to sit in our warm cars until we heard Mark yelling for everyone to start making their way to the starting “area”. We received our race instructions, were told to

    Photo taken by Chad Heald, used with permission of Possum Races
    Taken from the starting area.

    come back with stories to share at Stass for the post-race party, then Mark said “ok, go!”Across the grass and up the hill to the Levee wall, we were able to see a gorgeous sunrise while we started our journey.

    Both levee photos taken by Chad Heald, used with permission of Possum Races.


    We ran, we chatted, we slogged through the mud. We LAUGHED! I don’t think I have laughed so much or so hard in a long time. We had so much fun during this race.
    10007052_1472514586300581_1567626481_n1959523_1472512899634083_171321398_n (1)
    Me, Katie and Angie coming into the first Aid Station
    Photo taken by Chad Heald used with permission of Possum Races
    The mud was ridiculous at some points. Several times we almost lost shoes due to the strong mud sucking going on. We laughed some more. It must have been between miles 7.5 and 11.5 (an out and back section) that we passed a guy and he said “I heard you guys coming. You’re having so much fun. THAT’s the way to do it”. We couldn’t agree more!
    Running/walking/slogging more, we chatted about life, kids, running, goals, summer vacation. We talked about the grown-up stuff in life that no one likes to discuss but is part of life….health problems, sick family members, issues in child rearing.
    Our selfie at the turn-around/book point.
    Somewhere around the 10-11 mile point, I stepped wrong in the deep mud and felt something pop in the upper thigh/glute area. Ouch. Well, I wasn’t stopping now. I found out what the finisher award was and I knew I wanted one. Plus, I knew even if I had to walk the whole thing, I would cross that finish line. We ran some, we walked when my leg didn’t want to cooperate. We tried to get through the mud.
    You know you have a good friend, when heading up the last couple hills on a bum leg, you feel a hand on your back. I told Angie “I’m fine”. Her response, “I know, I just want to be sure you don’t hurt anything else”. See? Good friend!
    Due to the mud and my “sore arse”, it took us a lot longer than we had even anticipated, but we beat the race cut-off. We finally headed down the hill from the levee to the finish line. And what do we hear but our dear friend, Andrea, cheering for us. Instead of heading to Staas, she waited in the cold wind for us to finish.
    I think at this point I actually said “FINALLY!”
    Photo property of Possum Races.

    At this point, we were covered in mud most of the way up our calves, shoes were caked in mud. Time to change and head to Staas!

    Staas Brewing even made a Seamus O’Possum Irish Red Ale in honor of the event!

    We walked into Staas and smelled food! Post race food consisted of soups, chili, homemade breads and muffins. Thank you to the wonderful volunteers that fed us hungry runners! Thank you Staas for the fantastic Possum Ale. Being able to eat, drink, talk, laugh, trade stories with fellow runners and friends was the perfect way to end the day. The trail running community, the ultra running community and most of all, Team Possum has reminded me of how much I enjoy running and especially trail running.

    Go out, have a great time and tell stories about it afterward. Oh, and run a bunch of miles in there, too.

    Enjoying my Possum Ale in my new Team Possum sweatshirt.
    Thanks, Angie, for taking the picture!

    Team Possum, you all are awesome! Thank you for allowing me to be a member of this amazing community, for all the new friends and time spent with “old” friends. I’m looking forward to many, many more miles with you all.

    ***Special thanks to Mark, Chad and all the volunteers that made this race such a fantastic experience.

    ***Special thanks to Katie and Angie for sticking by me. For your company, your friendship and your listening ear, always.
    ***Extra Special thanks to my husband, Jeff, for holding down the fort at home while I’m on long training runs and race day. I appreciate you every day!

    Enjoy life my friends, one mile at a time!