Friday, September 23, 2011

I ran a what?!

I know many runners fall into the same post race depression that I found myself in this week. I just ran a freakin' marathon, how could I be depressed?! Luckily, I knew it would probably happen, so I was at least a little bit prepared for it. Still, I was hoping it wouldn't happen. 

The beginning of the week, I basked in the post race glow. But, with no running, no training plan, I was in a funk. I remedied this last night by picking out some races and making my plan for the next several months. Even finding a December half marathon and chose which spring marathon to train for. This has helped immensely! 

Tomorrow marks one full week after my marathon, and the end of my week long recovery. I plan to take my running very easy at first, but, I plan to get out and RUN! I don't know that I've ever been more excited to run a few miles.

How do you deal with the post race letdown? 


  1. I deal with post race depression the same as any addict... I search for more races! I think blogging will help you cure the post race blues. Registering for another marathon should help take the edge off, too! Congrats on both of your new milestones!

  2. I haven't had a race yet... I doubt I'll be depressed after mine are done next weekend. I'm more worried about keeping myself motivated to keep running, rather than depression about NOT running. But I have a great coach who won't let me slack off!

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    Karma Kristin

  4. What they said! Register for another race of course!!!


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