Friday, September 30, 2011

Trail challenge

Running trails is a lot of fun, they are beautiful and challenging. The only problem with running trails is that I can't run them when I usually do my runs (at 5 a.m.). Also, it takes more time as I have to drive to the trails instead of just walking out my front door. Thanks to the Trail Challenge through #runchat on Twitter, I had until 8pm tonight to get my trail run in for the month of September.

Luckily, Jeff had the day off work, so we put the kids down for naps & I headed to the trail.

After my knee/leg issues during marathon training, I honestly wasn't sure what to expect with all the hills and uneven terrain on the trail. It was chilly and a misty rain fell when I started, so I was able to wear my new Air Force Marathon hat.  The hat felt great! And even if it didn't, let's be honest here, I'm sure I would still wear it!
I made the mistake of not doing the paved 1-point-something mile trail for a warm-up, as it was windy and I didn't want to be in the wind (yes, feeling pretty wimpy today!). Instead, I headed straight for the trail through the woods. Basically from the start it goes up hill for the first 1-2 miles. There are several bridges that go over streams, etc, but then you encounter this: 

And yes, those are steps in the middle of the woods (32 if I remember correctly!) By the time my Garmin told me I was at mile 2, I felt like I had gone much further. It's been a while since I've run that many hills. There were some smaller downhills which helped and I finally got into my groove. I knew running the hilly trail, I shouldn't pay attention to my pace, I simply ran by how I felt on this run and the numbers certainly surprised me at the end!

All in all, a great trail run. I will be signing up for the 10K at the metro park for November and running it for fun whenever I can.

Distance: 5.14miles
Time: 53:43
Avg. pace: 10:27

Do you ever switch things up from road to trail? How often do you switch? Or how often do you run roads if you usually run trails?



  1. Grest job completing the challenge. It looks like a pretty trail! I don't run trails often. I am not the most graceful things on two legs! Plus, since I have a goal to PR at my next race, I don't want to risk twisting an ankle or breaking something vital. I have a hard enough time staying injury free on pavement! Nice job hitting the trail!

  2. So which trail was that with the hills? Coyote Run didn't have hills to speak of, and no steps.


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