Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Running family

We just had a FANTASTIC weekend here. Gorgeous warm fall weather, lots of sunshine and outside playtime. Saturday, Jeff and I loaded the kids into the double jogger that we borrowed from my good friend and running partner, Jamie, for a 5K later this month and set off for our first family run! Zachary was so excited to get to run with us and "nobody's leaving me!" he said. Over the past month, we have had three race weekends, which is more than we've had in the past 3 months! Understandable that he would be concerned.

Running Family (minus the photog, Jeff)
Perfect fall morning, we headed to the jogging path behind our house and ran for about 1.5 miles before stopping at the playground for the kids. I was worried about pushing an extra 100+ pounds, but it actually was easier than when I just take the single jogger (think the double has bigger wheels). Both kids did great and were excited to stop for a break at the playground.

Continuing on our way, we ran about another 1.25 miles before stopping for the day to head to the pumpkin patch. It was very special to me to be able to share something I'm so passionate about with my entire family for the first time. I think this was one of my favorite runs, ever! Hopefully there will be many more family runs; or at least a few while we still have the use of the double jogger!

Does your spouse or significant other run? Do you ever get to run together?  What other ideas do you have for fun family activities?



  1. My hubby runs to the fridge, that's about it.

    I am trying to convince him to do the spartan race with me next June. He says straight out no. He has no desire to be fit. But I am gonna get him, even if I have to use sex to do it. LOL!

  2. My hubs has a hard time prioritizing himself...he'd rather do things around the house or yard instead of exercise. We have run together in the past and I trust that we will do it again one day, when the kids are bit older (maybe all on bikes?) and life is a little calmer.


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