Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Obsess much?

Yes, I do. It's just a little fact about me. I obsess about everything in life; my kids, my husband, my house, my running, my friends; well, you get the point. I have think I have a coach for my May marathon. I say "think" as until I see my training plan, I won't know for sure. This is a free coach that I heard about from Katie on twitter when she found a coach for her upcoming half marathon.

Today, I plugged my back-up training plan into my calendar so I have a general idea of what our winter/spring calendar looks like. This is the training plan that I will use if 1. I don't like the plan I get from the coach or 2. I don't actually get a plan. See, obsessing. I have plenty of time. My training plan doesn't even have me starting for another TWO MONTHS (January 30). But, I NEEDED to know what my base mileage should be over the next couple months and how a new spring Half Marathon would fit into said training plan. Also, we are planning a fun family weekend in February and I wanted to see how I would need to rearrange my training. Again with the obsessing planning. My life feels like it runs (pun intended) smoother when I have my training mapped out on the calendar.

Do you obsess over training plans? How far in advance do you need to plan out your training?



  1. Ha! I totally forgot to plan around the family fun weekend! Luckily, according to my plan, it's a low(er) mileage week. :)

  2. Very cool! Let us know how the coaching goes. :)


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