Sunday, December 18, 2011

I run and run....

Perspective is such a funny thing. I was updating my miles for the past week on the Tall Mom 1,000 mile Challenge and Jeff was looking at my mileage. When I signed up for the challenge, I didn't know if I would get to 1,000 miles for 2011. I got to 1,000, wondered if I could get to 1200. Currently at 1205 miles for 2011!

Just for kicks, I clicked on the "All Days" total for my Garmin and in the two years and two months since I've been using it, I've logged 2100 miles. WOAH! Part of me says, holy cow, that's a long way and the other part says, I've seen people on daily mile and twitter do that in ONE year.

Jeff was interested to see how far it is and pulled up this map.  It took me two years, but I have run enough to get from central OH to Reno, NV.  He told me, "put it into perspective, honey. This is amazing!" The two-years-ago me would have LAUGHED if someone had told me I would run that much in just two short years. Now, I'm interested to see how far I run in the next two years! Amazing to see what can happen since I found an activity that I LOVE doing. People still look at me funny when I say "I LOVE running. Seriously, love it!"

One of the hardest parts for me as a runner is to not compare myself to others, but to compete against myself. As long as I keep looking at where I've come from in my running career, it really puts everything into perspective for me!


  1. I'd have stopped running in Vegas, but she's an overachiever.

  2. Great job, Anne! Your best comment is the one about not comparing yourself to other runners. We're all different. Everyone who gets out there and puts one foot in front of the other is working just as hard as someone else who may be running faster or farther. You've come a long way! Now, we just need to get you to run back home from Vegas. LOL

  3. OK, you are officially intimidating. LOL Great job!! (PS I think hubs is getting me a garmin for Christmas...woohoo!!)

  4. Congrats! Keep up the awesome work!

  5. Thanks all! And Dave---I'm not going to work my way back until I hit the ocean....maybe in a couple months? :)

  6. Wow - love that perspective! How cool is it when you put in those terms! You've had a couple of great years in running!


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