Friday, December 16, 2011


Where do you get your motivation? I am typically motivated most by a challenge of some sort or by a schedule. Training schedules keep me motivated as I love meeting my mileage goals for the day/week/month, etc. Registering for races and setting time goals keeps me going as I want to meet or exceed those goals. Cross training; hmm....I typically do not do well with cross training and core work. I need challenges and Twitter has been wonderful for challenges! I am currently taking part in the Plank A Day Revolution started by Sherry Pagoto and Mike Bauman.

Just a little background....when I started running and training for my first half marathon in 2009, I ran. That is all. No cross training, no core work, just running. I started having back issues again (had Sciatic issues during my 2nd pregnancy) and realized that I needed to do more than just run (ok and my doctor told me I needed to do core work). I started doing crunches and some workout DVDs. Never very consistent, I would have to constantly remind myself that I don't want injuries, and that I NEED to do these things. Problem is, I LOVE running. That is my exercise of choice. I do NOT love core work, I do not love cardio DVDs. The benefits are great and I'm (slowly) getting better about these.

A couple weeks ago, the Plank Police caught me asking a question about the plank a day challenge, and basically told me to get going with the planks. I figured why not? They are supposed to be great for the core and if I am responsible for reporting in to someone on a challenge, then I have a better likelihood of following through. With the exception of one day, I have done at least one plank every day since I started (maybe two weeks ago?).

Knowing I was attending a cookie exchange at a friend's house last night, I went a little crazy with my planks yesterday. I completed SIX! Most I had completed to this point was four.  Kate (the friend), made fun of me for trying to burn off the calories before consuming them. Worth a shot, though, right?!

Today those cookies were calling my name and I was unable to resist them. I joked with Kate that I would have to either add a couple more miles to my planned run or do 8 planks. She stated that  "it would be amazing if you could".  My initial thought was "no way, I can't do 8 planks today." Then I asked myself "Why not?" So, I accepted her (half joking) challenge. Nicely, she said if she needs to come pick me up off the floor she would, with another cookie and a glass of wine. Isn't that a good friend?!


3 x 1:00minute what I call regular planks (straight arms)
3 x 1:00minute on elbows
1 x 1:00minute right side plank
1 x 1:00minute left side plank

Total: 8 planks for today! and I didn't collapse! 

Thanks Kate for unwittingly providing the motivation to push myself further by challenging me! I WILL see these abs someday!

Where do you get your motivation? 

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  1. I'm sure Kate would be happy to bring you a cookie and some wine anyway! (true friend)
    Nice job with the 8 planks, Anne! You're awesome!


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