Friday, January 13, 2012

Decisions, decisions

Training plans, training plans....I am swimming in training plans!  In the past two years of running, I have never had as much difficulty as I am right now deciding on my training plan for The Cleveland Marathon. I've only been trying to figure it out for the past three months! Just when I think I found the *right* plan, I see another plan that looks just a little better. Currently, I'm looking at Hal Higdon'sSmart Coach from Runner's World, a plan from the Cleveland Marathon site and a few others. Part of the issue is that my goals for the race seem to change daily. Maybe I am wrong, maybe all this "time off" from training isn't good for me. Typically, when I am in the midst of a training plan, I just accept it and run. As I mentioned before, I am really enjoying the freedom from a strict plan, but my brain seems to be taking issue with that freedom! I am challenging myself for this next marathon, but at the same time I do not want to get injured during training from too many miles. Ugh! (overthink it much?!)

Also, I want to be able to have fun with my family and not be exhausted for the next four months. I know there is a fine balance between a tough training plan and a completely exhausting training plan; I just need to find it. As I sit here and listen to the wind howl and the snow blow around, maybe I just need to go with my first choice and stop thinking about it. If I pick the 18 week plan, it will officially start this coming Monday, January 16, and I will no longer be able to obsess over it. However, if I pick a 16 week plan, I have until January 30 before I log my first training miles for the marathon (read as more time to change my mind!). Decisions, decisions!

So my goal is to have my plan done and posted by the end of this weekend. Hold me to it, ok?

How do you pick your training plans? Do you search and search until the last minute? Do you ever change plans mid-training?


  1. Anne,
    I use a combination of several different plans. I am an "master" runner (in other words an old hag..LOL ..jk) so I need more rest than some plans give otherwise I overtrain and get injured. Everyone is so different...interesting how I've really gotten to know my body through marathon training...good luck with Cleveland! be cheering for you!

  2. Umm, maybe it's my math that's off, but my 19 week training plan for Cleveland started THIS week.  I just relooked it and counted 19 weeks again.  Anyway, good luck with finding and executing a plan.  On the high mileage comment, I know many runners (self included) that find high mileage to reduce the injury risk, if the intensity is properly managed.  It's pushing too hard on days you shouldn't that drives injuries, in general - and not doing the ancillary stuff that, based on your DM sidebar for today, it seems you are doing.

  3. Math has never been my strong suit...oops! Apparently reading isn't either. :) Thank you for the info on high mileage weeks, that makes me feel a little better!

  4. I feel you! This was me a couple weeks ago. I seem to overthink everything. My dilemma was to pick a plan that fit into my life as a uni student and a young mum, with a husband who travels a lot. And because I am pretty new to this, all of the plans out there make good sense to me. In the end, I mentally tossed a coin and decided to go with Smart Coach :) Good luck on deciding! xx @dhitri 

  5. I love the Smart Coach plans because they are based on 3 running days, which I know I can fit in with my life as a mom and with a job.  If I can get another day of running in, I do--but usually those 3 are it--and the days change around each week. I'm sure you may have to tweak things as you go though.  When I was picking my training for my marathon next weekend I did the same thing though---compared, contrasted etc! 


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