Monday, January 16, 2012

Training has begun!

I made my goal! I told you on Friday that I would have my plan done by the end of the weekend. It was done last night (Sunday night, just didn't have time to write a post).  I'm so excited that my training plan is finally complete! Whew! After weeks months of looking at plans, printing plans, talking about plans, I now have what I feel is a good plan for The Cleveland Marathon. Thank you Nathan, for helping me put it together! It's an 18 week plan and it started today. EEK! I made the mistake of adding up all the mileage for the plan. Yeah, that freaked me out a little bit. Taking it week by week, though, it's not quite as intimidating. Sure, some weeks will be hard and tiring, but as a whole, they don't freak me out. I think that should be a sign to myself that if I take it one mile at a time, I will be fine, right? One thing is definitely clear, though, I need to start going to bed earlier so I can get up and get my morning miles in! Cleveland Marathon, here I come!

Today's training called for 6 miles with 4 at marathon pace. DONE! Feels really good to start off my training strong. Let's just hope I can keep it up!


  1. Best of luck on your training for Cleveland! :) looking forward to following your journey.

  2. Rite Aid Cleveland MarathonJanuary 16, 2012 at 11:32 AM

    You're going to be great!

  3. Thank you!!!

  4. I was a SAHM to 3 kids when I started my running journey 7 years ago.  I can't imagine life without it now.  Good luck with the start of training!  Cleveland is a great half - I PR'd last year. : )

  5. Great work Anne. I need to write mine too. Plenty of time for me though. Might get some tips from you!! :-)


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