Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cleveland Marathon Training, week 4

What a whirl-wind of a week! More crazy weather here in central Ohio made for an(other) interesting training week. How did this happen? I just finished my first month of marathon training and didn't even realize it! Where does the time go?

While I was super busy being a mom, I somehow found the time and energy to run all of my planned training miles. On the mom-front, we transitioned our toddler to a "big-boy bed" (*sniff*) and that is actually going much better than I had anticipated. Even if his new room is still not done and our guest room is a disaster....there's always tomorrow, right?!

Monday morning, I finally ran my recovery miles from my previous weekend of hard, fun running. It felt good to get out and stretch the legs for an easy paced run.

Tuesday morning I went in for my first ever physical with my doctor. I can't believe that I have made it to 3*, and never had most of these tests done. However, I had to fast....until 11:00 am! WHAT?! No coffee, no food, only water. That was hard (luckily it was a cross-training day, so I didn't have to try to figure out when to fit in my miles). Other than the blood-work, he pronounced me in great health and if I feel the need to run a marathon (he has no idea why!), then he has no problems with me continuing training (again). I received the call a few days later that my blood tests had fantastic results, so hopefully that's a good sign for my future health!

Wednesday, I had 7 miles on the plan with 4 of them as tempo miles. Per McMillan, I should run my tempo miles between 8:47-9:00mm. I totally nailed this run, and even tacked an extra mile onto it with splits of 8:57, 8:54, 8:42, 8:43 and 8:39. Surprisingly, at the end of the five miles, I felt like I could run a couple more at that pace. I'm trying not to get too excited for my half marathon in March, but if I can continue with runs like this, MAYBE a PR is in my future?!

We had a family weekend away planned, so Jeff and I decided that I should move my long run to Friday afternoon when he got home from work. I was originally going to meet up with a runner from our local group (he's running Boston 2012!) at a metro park, but Jeff had a meeting pop-up and would be home later than normal for a Friday. When he got home, I was quickly losing the motivation to get out and get my run done, but knew this was the only time I would have to fit it in. Finally, I got myself out the door for my favorite county roads loop. It was snowing and in the upper 20s when I started out and the snow started sticking to the shoulder of the road. About halfway through my run, I called Jeff to tell him I would detour into town (traffic was picking up, the shoulder was slippery) and asked them to pick me up. I had no set pace goal on my run, other than trying to maintain a consistent, comfortable pace. It was such a fantastic run! I don't know if I have ever run 14 miles and felt that wonderful afterward. Maybe part of it was the different route? I love variations in my running routes. Hopefully, I can do more miles in town, it was fun!  This run certainly gave me some much needed confidence for my spring races. Hopefully, I can keep the momentum going!

Week 4 stats:

Monday: 5.15 recovery miles
Tuesday: strength training
Wednesday: 7 tempo miles
Thursday: 4.41 miles
Friday: 14.2 miles
Saturday: 3.5 miles
Sunday: REST!

Total for week 4 of marathon training: 34.26


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