Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Love My Abs Challenge

Last year, there were several of us on twitter doing monthly ab/core exercise challenges. The goal was to do 100 various ab exercises (crunches, bridges, really, anything to work the core muscles) every day and report in when they were done. It didn't matter if 100 were done at the same time or if they were done in sets of 10 over the course of the day. Most days I was able to get my 100 in and could tell a difference with my running form. Then, marathon training picked up and I slacked off towards the end of the summer. (and yes, I could tell in my long runs that I wasn't being as consistent with core strength exercises.)

Denise of RunDMT posted on twitter this week that she wanted to start the February Love My Abs Challenge. I figured, why not? This will be a great way to hold myself accountable as my training miles picks up and hopefully I won't slack off this time! And, I'm telling the world about it, so that should keep me going, right?! Denise decided to add a twist this time; we will complete 100 crunches (or whatever) everyday for the first week, then add 20 every week! By the end of the month, we will have completed over 3000 ab exercises. Abs of steel, right?! I can only hope.....

If you would like to join us in showing your core some love, head on over to RunDMT to sign up!

Feb 1, 100 ab exercises=DONE!

Will you be joining us? What are your favorite core exercises? Let's share our favorites so we can add more variety!
        My current favorites are regular crunches, bridges & Russian Twists.


  1. Yay! Great start!  I'm so glad you're joining the challenge because you're always so supportive.  You so got this, girl!  

  2. This is such a great way to stay in check!  I do ab work about 3x/week - I really need to do more!

  3. Thanks, Denise! So glad you started this challenge, just what I need to keep myself motivated with summer approaching!

  4. 3x/week is fantastic, Heather! Keep up the good work!


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