Wednesday, February 22, 2012

One of THOSE runs

Just when I thought I got my Running Mojo back (see post for more on that), I had one of THOSE runs. You know the kind, where you want to just quit the run and pretend that you never even started it? The kind of run where you start having a million imaginary aches and pains so you can have an excuse to quit? There were several times during my run today that I thought "I'll just head home and try again later", or "I'll run half the planned mileage and try again tomorrow". I actually stopped a few times for a minute or two to try and convince myself that I could do it. Luckily, we had plans for later today, so I knew it would just be better to get my run done in the morning instead of trying to squeeze everything in to a busy afternoon. Plus, I would have to take two showers, and frankly, that just seemed like too much effort. Kinda of ironic isn't it, that my laziness pushed me to finish an eight mile run?!

Today was a planned 8 mile run with 5 tempo miles in the middle. Easy enough. Or so I thought..... I was actually EXCITED about this run. Tempo runs have been my favorite runs lately, I even had a fantastic tempo run last week when my "mojo" was lost. So what happened today? I wish I knew. I could list many ideas as to what might have have an effect on my run, but I won't.
Plain and simple, I couldn't get the tempo where I wanted it to be. However, I did NOT quit! I ran EIGHT miles this morning before most people got out of bed. I may did not have run as fast as I wanted to, but I still got my planned mileage in and that made me feel somewhat better. Looking at my splits, they weren't as bad as I thought they would be based on my perceived effort during the run, but they were not where I wanted them to be today. Splits should have been between 8:30-8:50mm and they were: 8:55, 8:53, 9:12, 9:09, 8:58, 9:25, 9:16. I had extremely high hopes for today based on my last tempo run, but I fought for EVERY mile today. Some days are like that. I had to remind myself that running is NOT easy, if it was, then everyone would do it, right?

I was very disappointed in my run when I walked back in the door this morning. However, after talking to my wonderful husband, and comments from friends and tweeps, I realize it WAS a good run. (Time and perspective are such wonderful things, aren't they?!) I pushed through my intense desire to quit and finished the run. To me,


Now I have the itch to go do this same run again so I can prove to myself that I CAN finish the tempo paces. I WILL do it!


  1. Oh I have "those" runs all the time. Main thing is to move on and work hard at the next one. Good for you for getting er done!

    1. Thanks, Nikki! I just keep reminding myself of that. I know not every run is good and if there isn't a bad one every once in a while, how do we know the good ones, right?


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