Monday, March 5, 2012

Cleveland Marathon Training, week 7

While it was definitely not a week I would want to repeat, I made it through. We had a lot of family stuff going on last week and were out of town for Wednesday and Thursday. Surprisingly enough, I was not too many miles short for the week. However, due to poor nutrition choices, lack of sleep, too much stress and not enough water, my run on Friday afternoon was NOT good. I DID make it through five miles on Friday in honor of my older son's FIFTH birthday, but I was not at all pleased with the run. I had to fight hard for every half mile during that run. I can't remember the last time I had a run that physically tough. Mentally, yes; physically, no.

Thank you to my good friend and running partner, Jamie, I had company on my long run this week. Due to the birthday party and family visiting, I moved my long run to Sunday afternoon. She graciously switched her plans around to meet me since Friday was such a tough one. As we started out, I was so grateful for her company. The first three miles were super tough, but she got me through those and I was fine. Well, until the hail started pelting our faces around mile 10! When we finished up the run, I felt like I could run another couple miles, a definite win in my book!

I did miss my strength training during the week, so I have to be sure I get in at least one strength workout this week, plus keep up with my core work. I can definitely tell that I slacked off last week on core work. If you run and you do not engage in core exercises, you really need to! It helps your running so much. That's my PSA for today....

Week 7 stats:

Monday: 6 miles with 3 mile repeats 
Tuesday: 7.6 Total miles (6 on own, 1.6 with family)
Wednesday: Travel
Thursday: Travel
Friday: 5 miles
Saturday: Off
Sunday: 12 miles

Total for week 7 of marathon training: 30.6 miles (planned mileage for week 35)

February miles: 145.12 (highest mileage month ever!)
Total miles for Cleveland Marathon training so far: 206.4
Total 2012 miles: 289.58

Hope you had a good week training! 


  1. I'd switch my schedule to accommodate yours anytime! (even if it means running in the dreaded afternoon!) I know you'd do the same for me. :)

    1. Thanks, Jamie! And you know I would!


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