Thursday, March 29, 2012

Family fun at Lego KidsFest

My boys (ok, I'll be honest, ALL of us) are really into playing with Legos right now. We build and play with them just about every day. So when Jeff called me up a couple months ago to tell me there was a Lego KidsFest in Cincinnati, should we go? I, of course, said yes! Even though I have a race Sunday, I said, the kids will LOVE it, we have to go!

After lunch on Friday, we hit the road. Hyatt was a partner hotel with the festival, so we got a good rate and discount on the tickets, which makes it even better! Also cool was on-line hotel check-in. We checked into our room before we left home and they emailed us as soon as our room was ready---that is a fantastic feature that I hope every hotel starts doing! Checking into the hotel, I felt a little bad for an older couple that was also checking in. They were looking at the many small children running around the lobby and you could just tell they were thrilled to have what's usually a quiet hotel invaded by all the Legoers (like how I make up words? I do it quite often when there isn't one to suit my needs).

The boys LOVE hotels! We are so glad that they love the sense of adventure and excitement like both Jeff and I do. (or maybe the boys just love the cable tv? anything's possible!) After checking out our room, we decided to head to the pool. Jacob (2.5 years) is FEARLESS. And that's a problem. I'm sure he gave me more gray hair yesterday (thank goodness I have a hair appointment next week!) Anyhow... Jacob spent about an hour jumping off the side of the pool with one of us catching him.  Zachary (5) also enjoyed that, but luckily, he didn't want to do it quite as long as Jacob did. I think they succeeded in wearing out mom and dad, when we had really wanted to wear them out!

One kid on a roll-a-way bed and one in the king size bed with us did not make for the best night's sleep, but it was definitely worth it to see them at the festival today! HUGE piles of legos for the kids to play in, build, knock down. It was AWESOME!
Doesn't that look like fun?! A pile of Legos!

There were several different types of activities geared to all different age levels. Lego did a fantastic job making sure that no matter the age, everyone would have fun! Walking around the exhibit was almost as fun (at least for the grown-ups) as playing. There were several character statues (Lightning McQueen, Darth Vader, Batman just to name a few). The kids were excited to see some of their favorite characters and have their pictures taken with them.

Building cars to race down the speedways, building castles and farms, wow! No matter what we did, I just love seeing how their brains work, how they figure out how to build things and their look of accomplishment when it all fits together.

We were building a farm (with palm trees); complete with airplanes
garden hoses and flowers.

Some people have asked me if it was worth the month and the sleepless night. ABSOLUTELY! For my Lego obsessed children, it was totally worth EVERY PENNY we spent for the weekend. If they are still as into Legos next year when the Lego KidsFest comes back, we will be there!

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  1. This is such a fun activity for a family. I am planning to have this in my family also.


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