Thursday, March 22, 2012

Taper? What taper?

As any of you who have read my past few posts know, I have a race on Sunday. It is the ORRRC Half Marathon in Xenia. It's a smaller race and boy, the price was right! ($25 for either the half or the full!) It fell at the perfect time in my training for the RiteAid Cleveland Marathon, so I signed up. It feels strange for me to have a half marathon that I haven't specifically been training for. Last May was my last half marathon and I worked my as tail off on increasing speed. And it paid off with a 1:59:55! Training for my 'A' race of the marathon has me concentrating on miles more than speed, so I feel like I am a lot slower than I was last year at this time. Nobody else agrees with me, so I'm hoping they are right! We'll find out on Sunday how accurate my perception of my own speed is.

What's also strange is the lack of taper built into my plan for the week. The only noticeable difference in my plan for last week and this week was a 10miler for my long run instead of higher. It hasn't bothered me at all not to be doing a traditional taper, but with a rest day today, and the race approaching, I'm reflecting on the week before CapCity last year and second guessing everything (of course). I have myself scheduled for a rest day (from running) today and Saturday. I front-loaded my mileage for early this week and have already logged 18 miles so far, more than the week before a half marathon would typically have on a schedule. Tomorrow morning will be another 3-4 "easy" miles.  I know I'll be able to handle the distance on Sunday, hopefully I am rested enough for the speed. I think being in the middle of a training plan and having 7 more weeks until my 'A' race has helped to calm the taper madness this week, too. Maybe I should do this for every for a marathon, it should be halfway through an Ultra Race Training Plan? Yeah, maybe not!

Someone mentioned a couple months ago that you cannot expect to train well for two different race distances at the same time. I didn't agree with the statement at the time, but we'll leave it up to Sunday to see who is right. My goal all along has been to train well for BOTH races and hopefully PR in BOTH. Go Big or Go Home, right?!

I don't do well with resting or tapering; I know most runners do not. However, I know it is necessary for my muscles and my body. I WILL resist the call of this gorgeous day.

Know how hard it is to resist? This
is a day that is MADE for running!

Have you ever successfully trained for two race distances at the same time? Do you taper for the first race and if so, how much?

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  1. I find that I race better if I don't taper. I usually cut back on the hard runs and add in more cross training to keep everything moving.


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