Thursday, April 5, 2012

Everything in that the right way?

Good post from Balancing Motherhood on sugar

A friend posted a video on facebook and it really got me thinking. See, my belief is that we (my family and I) can eat anything, as long as it's in moderation. We don't have cookies, candy, ice cream, etc all the time. We have it sometimes. My kids do not ask for sweets everyday (LOVE THAT!), but they get excited when we have them. However, watching this video today from CBS, 60 Minutes Overtime, really starting me thinking more. Am I teaching my children healthy habits? Am I arming them with enough knowledge for Zachary to go to kindergarten next year and make smart choices for his lunch?

One of my goals in life is that my children will not go through what I went though in my quest to be healthy. I spent approximately 10 years of my adult life overweight and basically unhealthy. I do not want them to have to go through the same struggles as I have. We eat about 90-95% healthy, unprocessed foods. And I thought that was a good start.

Fruit---honestly, I do not limit the amount of fresh fruit that my kids eat. Recently, I have started wondering if I need to start doing that. I keep hearing about how even the natural sugars are bad if they have too much. I've always thought that the nutrients they are getting from the fruit make it ok. Sometimes I just want to bury my head in the sand when I get information overload!

So I ask do you balance healthy eating? Do you limit fruit intake because of the natural sugar? 


  1. We take a similar approach. We have cookies, cake, ice cream, etc. sometimes because they are treats. Generally, my oldest (5 yo) doesn't ask for them although he is starting to ask for them more and more because he sees what his friends are eating. My youngest has always been more of a junk food junkie. We try to make sure that they have a good balance of food every day and always veggies with every meal. I haven't been limiting fruit either but have been hearing more about this too. However, I don't think that I'm going to start limiting fruit because it's still healthier than the alternative.

    1. Thanks, Christine! That's what I've always thought about fruit---better than other options!

  2. My kids do ask for treats, and they love carbs (they are my children, after all) but the do not always get what they ask for, and they're (usually) ok with that.
    We eat a ton of fresh fruit and veggies and my kiddos are just as good about eating the veg as they are about the fruit. As a matter of fact, we laugh every time we have to bribe our 3 yo with more salad if she eats her protein. As long as they keep this up, I'm not limiting anything--except the candy. :)

    1. I wish mine would eat salad! Someday. Luckily, they are getting better with veggies, but we still have issues getting them to eat veggies. Thanks, Jamie!


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