Monday, April 30, 2012

Quality over quantity... training week 15!

I almost made a huge mistake this one, one that I firmly believe is a mistake and I always caution other runners NOT to make. I almost ran more just so I could have a bigger number for miles run for the week! ALMOST. But, I quickly realized that I have been training really smart this time around, and running three more miles wasn't the smartest thing for me to do. I've never run 47 miles in one week, let alone 50miles. I was so close and don't know that I'll ever be this close again, so I almost ran the extra 3 miles just so I could say I have run a 50 mile week. Silly, I know! But, us runners are funny like that. It's so hard to get caught up in the numbers. Chances are, I would have been fine adding an extra three miles on Sunday. But, I'm three weeks out from my goal race for the year, Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon, that I do not want to take any chances. Instead I will be absolutely satisfied with the great training week I DID have. I am proud of my 47 mile week, including a FANTASTIC 22 miler on Saturday where I felt like I was running strong enough that I could have run the final 4.2 miles and finished a marathon. Let's hope May 20 is the same!

Week 15 stats:

Monday: 3.26 miles
Tuesday: 6 miles (3x800 repeats)
Wednesday: 11.01 miles
Thursday: 4.71 miles
Friday: REST! (well, and burpees for the challenge)
Saturday: 22 miles
Sunday: Recovery walk and short (extremely short) bike ride with 5year old

Total for week 15 of marathon training: 47.04 miles 
Total for April: 158.59 miles (running) Not my highest month ever since I had a missed 20 miler, but still pretty high!

How was your training and/or racing last week? Have you ever gone for quantity over quality? If so, what was the quantity you were trying for?


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