Sunday, April 15, 2012

What's next?

Why is it that the closer a race gets, the more intense the need to know what my "next" is? I have a few theories and would love to hear yours!

1. I think if I plan something new, something different, then maybe I won't freak out so much about my goals for the upcoming race?

2. I am a glutton for punishment love challenges and want to know what's next to start preparing?

3. My type A personality doesn't like down-time?

4. The excitement of racing season is getting to me?

When I first started running, I needed races planned in order to stay motivated to keep running. Now, I don't have that problem! I run for the love of running. Well, and time with my friends. And exercise. And because if I run 10 miles, or 15 miles or whatever, I can eat more of what I want. I run for my skinny jeans.

As of right now I am registered for one race but it's not until November (Ragnar Relay in TN). I have 3 races that I'm looking into running, seeing if they fit into our family calendar without too much fuss. Funny thing is, I discovered after USAF in September and before I started training for Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon in January, that I LOVED not having a training plan. The freedom to run whenever I wanted to was fantastic! So why the sudden change?

I will probably never have an answer to this, but it's one of those things that keep my brain spinning on my runs.

Do you have to have the next race/next challenge planned before you finish the first one? Or do you just pick up races as they come along?


  1. I don't have a lot of racing opportunities so I just plod along until something comes my way, then I focus on it. I have a 10K in May and a half marathon in August, so that will pull me through the next few months.

    Good luck on your upcoming race!

  2. I like to plan out my races. I like to go for at least one a month. I also like to register for races I've not done before for new challenges.

    1. I love that you go for at least one a month, Denise! That's fantastic! I am finding that I am more interested in new races/events for the challenge, too.


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