Saturday, May 26, 2012

Every step is for the children!

Every step I run on October 21, 2012 for the Columbus Marathon is for the children.

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Update 1 (5/26/12):  Thank you to several of you who have already claimed miles! This is so exciting! As of today, miles, 7, 17, 22, 26 & 26.2 are taken, click on the link above to view the map. I will continue making updates as other miles are spoken for. 

Update 2 (5/29/12): Thank you to Greg, mile 13 is now claimed! We're getting there! Which mile do you want to help me run for the children? (and my map is not updated yet with Greg's mile....need my tech support guy i.e. Jeff!)

Update 3 (6/7/12): Thank you to Roz, mile 21 (Halfway!) is claimed! The miles are quickly filling up! (I've put a request into my tech support to update the map) Which mile do you want?

Update 4 (7/1/12): Thank you to Andy for getting me started with mile 1 and to Melissa for helping out in the difficult mile 16!

Update 5 (7/10/12): Thank you Deanna for mile 25! Dave P, thanks for the donation for mile 14 to help me past the difficult turn-off and for the GREAT idea :)

Update 6 (8/16/12): Thank you Grandpa Jerry for mile 8! And mile 12 is now off the list. It is reserved for the Angels; the Angel Mile and I will run mile 12 for them! Here's the video of why.... Angel Mile

Anne Pistone's Children's Champion Fundraising Page

Unfortunately, we have had a few visits to Children's Hospital for our youngest son, Jacob. He was born with a heart murmur (that HAS repaired itself, thank you God) but we had to make a few trips with our newborn to the hospital. The doctors, nurses and support staff were all wonderful; not just with Jacob, but with the freaked out worried parents, too. We were very fortunate that his heart murmur repaired itself and he should be just fine. However, we have had to visit a few more times for accidents (what can I say? He takes after his klutzy mom!). We had a head wound that we thought might need stitches (luckily, no), and a broken leg. Now, he's 2.5 years old and I have determined that 2012 means no hospital visits for us!

My children mean the world to me and I can't imagine them not getting the help they need when sick or injured. We are fortunate that Jeff has a great career and medical insurance to help us with these costs. I have chosen to run the 2012 Columbus Marathon as a Children's Champion (my fundraising page) to help raise money to ensure that all children get the care that they need. You can click on the fundraising page link in order to make your donations.

For my fundraising, I would like to assign a mile to EACH donor in my fundraising campaign. When I hit your mile, I will think of you and run it for you and for the kids. On race day, I will have a list (or something, that's still in the works!) of each mile and who is responsible for each mile. Bad news? The final .2 mile is for MY KIDS! It's already claimed (and frankly, makes me tear up every time I think of it!), but there are 26 other miles that you may choose! I will update the map as miles are claimed, but feel free to choose a specific mile. If you make a donation without choosing a specific mile, I will assign one to you.

Feel free to check back and see my progress and the map's progress. Every PENNY helps! I thank you for reading and for anything that you can give for the kids.

Here's a break-down of the miles available:

Mile 1: Andy Smith
Mile 2:
Mile 3:
Mile 4:
Mile 5:
Mile 6:
Mile 7: Mom & Dad
Mile 8: Grandpa Jerry 
Mile 9:
Mile 10: 
Mile 11:
Mile 12: Angel Mile
Mile 13: Greg Peck
Mile 14: Dave Parsons
Mile 15:
Mile 16: Melissa Grobler
Mile 17: Natalie, Rebecca & Luke
Mile 18: 
Mile 19:
Mile 20:
Mile 21: Roz Batson
Mile 22: Allen Frye
Mile 23:
Mile 24:
Mile 25: Deanna V.
Mile 26: Jeff
Final .2: My kids!


  1. You'll know what mile I'm sponsoring by the amount. Love that you are doing this, and if the pace is right I might be there with you on this one :) Have fun with this!

    1. Thanks so much, Greg! Loved the amount of your donation. Can't wait to hear your decision!!!

  2. That's just awesome, Anne! I'll be there with you - doing my first full! It will be a lot of fun!

    1. Yay, Laurie!!!! Congrats on training for your first full! Can't wait to follow your progress.


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