Thursday, June 21, 2012

A plan to keep me focused!

Whew! I "finally" chose my training plan for the Columbus Marathon. I ay "finally" because I've been feeling a little lost and lazy the past couple weeks. When actually, there are still 17.5 weeks until the marathon. While it has only been a month since the Cleveland Marathon, it's taken me that long to get over the post-race funk. It's funny really, after USAF Marathon last September, I had NO desire to follow a training plan and really enjoyed my three months of simply running. This time, I seem to need a training plan. I'm wondering if it's partially due to the fact that I had a great experience at USAF and just kept riding that high? Whereas I had a "bad" experience at Cleveland and have been wallowing ever since? Who knows. Weird how our brains work, isn't it?

Anyway.....I've been looking through different training plans and trying to find the one that works best for me and my life while at the same time, helping me to adequately prepare. I've looked at easy plans, I've looked at hard plans, and I've looked at several in between.

It finally jumped right off the table at me.... I was getting ready for bed and happened to pick up my book that I've been reading. It's a fantastic book; Bart has led such an interesting life. I highly recommend it if you haven't read it yet. And let's face it, there are many of us runners that would love to have his job!!! (CRO; Chief Running Officer; for Runners' World!) When I first got the book last year, I glanced at the different training plans he included in his book, but I wasn't physically ready to tackle the "Seasoned" plan and felt like I was past the "Beginner" plan. Glancing through this week, though, I realized that the Seasoned plan was just what I was looking for. 16 weeks of training, includes speedwork, hill work and plenty of miles. Mr. Yasso hasn't steered me wrong yet (using his famous Yasso 800s to increase my pace), so fingers crossed that this plan will work well for me. And who knows? Maybe by following his plan, I'll gain some of his incredible running talent? :)

This will be my third marathon and my third different training plan. Third time is the charm, right?

How do you choose your training plans? Do you agonize like I do or do you just stick with one that has worked in the past?

Happy Running!


  1. I just bought that book to read on vacation!!!
    For training plans, I create my own based on what I've leanred through my own running (and reading and classwork). I can individualize it for what I want and how I want!

    1. Enjoy the book and vacation! Awesome that you can create your own training plan. I would love to be able to do that someday down the road.

  2. I haven't done a marathon but have followed 2 different plans for halfs and will follow yet another for my fall race. I agonize for a while over what to do. I don't like to change things around because it's in ink, so it must be right, right?! I have always ended up changing workouts around and even merging plans together to make it work for me and my schedule.

    1. My first & second Half Marathons and my first Full I was a SLAVE to the plan. I thought the same thing that you did....they wrote it, it must be right! Now I mostly follow the plan, but if I feel like adding miles, I do. If I feel like there's too many, I'll cut back. Definitely made for easier (less stress!) training this past year!


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