Monday, July 2, 2012

Already Halfway?!

I know I sound like a broken record, but really, where does the time go?! I cannot believe that the first half of 2012 is already over. In honor of reaching the halfway point, I thought it was time to go back and see how I'm doing with my 2012 Goals.

  • Run at least 1,260 miles (I ran 1256 miles in 2011)----As of June 30, I am at 787.26 running miles, definitely on track to smash this goal
  • Set a PR at the March ORRRC Half Marathon (current PR 1:59)---DONE! 1:58:10
  • Break 4:30 at The Cleveland Marathon in May (only marathon run, 4:57)--Nope, didn't happen, but not because I didn't try! (Race Recap)
  • Cross-Train/Strength Train more often. I'm thinking hoping that if I write it down here, I'll be more likely to follow through. I typically have no issue getting out of bed at 4:30am for a run, but can't seem to make myself get up for strength training. I WILL do better.--I have been doing much better at the strength training. Cross training, a little better, but could still use more.
  • Run a few shorter races, 5K or 4 milers to break up the distance training--- Ran a 5mile trail race, and have one 5K planned. For June, my mileage and runs were shorter so that was a nice change.
  • Run smart! (no injuries in 2012!)---Knocking on far so good!
  • Keep running fun!---Running with friends whenever I can, keeping it fun!

Not too bad! I need to work more on cross-training, but all in all, I am happy that I am on track with my goals. Honestly, much better than I thought before I pulled up my goals list! I officially started my training plan for The Columbus Marathon today, so maybe that can help me keep my goal of breaking 4:30? Only time will tell....

How is your year shaping up? Are you on track with your goals for 2012? 


  1. These are some great goals - congrats on achieving a few already! I really need to follow suit, not only making goals, but incorporating some of yours! Cross-training and strength training is a tough one for me. I really need to get into the gym and use my free weights more. Thanks for the motivation :)

  2. Thanks, Erin! It took me a while to get consistent with the strength training. It's just that darn cross training that I have issues with :) Good luck with the XT & strength!


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