Thursday, August 23, 2012

Gotta start somewhere

Over the past couple years I have had many people ask me how I got started running and how I lost weight. Did I lose weight just because I was running? I wish....

There are a lot of similarities in weight-loss and running so I thought I'd combine some of my getting started tips for you.

This was floating around Pinterest several months ago,
 but I am unable to locate the original pinner to give them credit.
This is true whether you are a newbie or if you are a marathoner!

  • Both require a change in lifestyle
  • Both require a HUGE commitment
  • Both are extremely challenging
  • In both, you often suffer setbacks that make you wonder if you can keep going
  • Neither one is easy
How to get started....
  • Make a public announcement. This works with running and with losing weight. By telling people of a goal race or goal amount of weight, you will have accountability. I believe this is a big motivating factor. Having people check in on your goals will typically keep you working harder.
  • There's an app for that....For running I have heard a lot of success stories (including my own husband) with the Couch to 5K training program. It's a great place for the new runner to start. For weight loss LoseIt or MyFitnessPal are both great calorie tracking apps for monitoring your daily food intake. So easy when you have it with you everywhere!
  • Make your "someday" today! Put on your shoes and take that first step!
  • Build your support system. Join a local running club, join DailyMile, find friends both online and in real life that run or are also trying to lose weight. 
Beginning running is frustrating. It's hard. IT HURTS. Just stick with it, at least until you have run one race or about six months. THEN, make a decision if you will keep with it or if running is not your thing. Beginning weightloss is frustrating, too. Some weeks, you'll see a drastic change, some weeks you may have setbacks. Either way, don't give up! I promise, when you're folding clothes and suddenly you realize that SMALL pair of jeans are YOURS, it's all worth it. (true story! Last fall I had to remind myself that a pair of jeans were really mine and that they fit as I still saw myself as my former fat girl (FFG) self). Take pictures along your journey, keep a scrapbook, take measurements. Be sure you have something to look  back on! My OMG picture is on my laptop desktop so I have an almost constant reminder of how far I've come.


When I got started running, I was 4 weeks post C-Section with baby #2. (yes, I had my doctor's permission!) I wasn't a complete newbie, I had finished a 5k the previous year, but I stopped running as soon as I found out I was pregnant (i.e. starting from scratch again). I didn't follow the C25K plan exactly, but I ran as long as I could, then walked until I felt like I could run again. About seven weeks later, I completed my second 5K!

Get your support system! Get started!

Are you a new runner? Are you struggling to lose weight? Let me know if you need support. I couldn't have gotten this far in my journey without my support system! I'd love more "friends" on myfitnesspal, let me know if you're on there!

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  1. oh, i just love this post!! you're so right!! a support system is definitely key! when i was a new runner i absolutely hated it, but i kept going, and now it's the joy of my days! i didnt have a lot of support though, and i wish i would have back when i started out. now that i know how great a support system can be (all the amazing spa sisters) i wouldnt trade it for the world!!!


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