Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Weekly Chase, Goals and lists

The Weekly Chase

We had a super fun and busy week last week. That has continued into this week which is why my Weekly Chase update is a day late. Better late than never, though, right?

Saturday was my "baby's" third birthday! We had so much fun celebrating. He doesn't seem to grasp the concept of birthday's though. Every morning since Saturday he gets up and says "Mommy, am I still three?" So cute! I love this stage. (Well, I love every stage of my kids' development.) I just can't believe that I now have a five and a three year old. I don't feel like time has passed so how can they be growing up so quickly?

My only goal I set for last week  was to log all of my calories. I might have missed a few things, but I give myself an A for effort. When I didn't want to log a few things over the weekend as I was having too much fun celebrating (i.e. eating really yummy foods), I knew I would have to report a fail, and I didn't want to do that. :)

With that said.....


1. Continue to log EVERYTHING, even if I go over or don't want to think about high calorie foods...Need to keep myself honest!

2. Finish school supply shopping. No matter how much I plan and make lists, I seem to always be a last minute person and I don't want to do that. We need all of our supplies by 8/16 to take to our Kindergarten Ice Cream Social at the school, so I want to have everything done by THIS Friday. I can do it!

3. Do at least one fun thing with the kids that we haven't done yet this year. I actually have two in mind for the week, so that shouldn't be a problem.

Are you a last minute shopper or do you have your school supplies purchased already? How was your week? Any big goals for this week? 

Join us in The Weekly Chase!


  1. Good for you for logging it all. It is hard to do that-- but keeping yourself honest is so important!!!



  2. Great job keeping with your goals! This will be a great wk for you! I'm a huge planner and always have things done far in advance generally! This being said though my moms bday is on Saturday and I have yet to find a gift!!! Haha! Have a great day! SPALove!

    1. Thanks, Jenna! Good luck getting your mom's present :)

  3. Godd luck on the goals this week! Luckily my school supplies are already purchased! Our school sells school supply packs at the end of each school year for the next year...I always buy it. It costs the same if I go get the supplies myself and it saves me the hassle.

    1. Thanks, Mindy! Our PTO also will provide the supplies, but I thought it would be "fun" going school supply shopping for the first time. Yeah, I will let the PTO do the shopping from now on!


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