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happily ever before: Book Review & Giveaway

I was contacted by one of my fellow blogger friends, Deanna, author of The Unnatural Mother (someday we WILL meet in person).  She asked if I would be interested in reading a "chick lit" book that her sister co-authored. Um...YES, please! I LOVE to read. Prior to having kids, I read ALL.THE.TIME. Now, I read when I can. The majority of my books are kiddie books, but at least I'm still reading! Please forgive me, this is my first ever book review, so I hope I'm doing it justice!

Happily Ever Before website

Happily Ever Before was written by Aimee Pitta and actress Melissa Peterman. Note from the authors: "What you're about to read is the almost totally true story of two sisters. A modern day tale of love lost, love won, impatience, sacrifice, friendship, sex, loyalty, honesty, and at times, indecision, drunkenness, flatulence, and cookie dough." Sounds like a winner to me!

From the first couple pages, I was hooked. I have read A LOT of "chick lit". When I have time to read, I will typically go for lighter books that are easy to read and enjoy. Happily Ever Before was all that, but also different enough that I had a hard time putting it down.

The story centers around two sisters, Clair and Grace. Clair is the married, successfully employed, trying-to-get-pregnant, has-it-together one.  Grace is single, has a job not a career, and hasn't quite put her life together.

Being the uber-organized woman that she is, Clair pulls out a note that the sisters signed one drunken night many years ago that said if one of them was ever unable to have children, she could "rent her sisters womb". Upon hearing that she cannot bear her own children, Clair decides to cash in on the sisterhood pact.

Several aspects of this book really hit home for me. After going through two pregnancies myself, I loved reading about the obstetrician appointments and the squeamishness of pregnancy and delivery issues. Yes, it really happens to everyone....

Watching Grace gain self-confidence and (for lack of a better phrase) find herself was the highlight of the book for me. She shows what I have learned in my 30s, that you are never too old to make changes in your own life.

While I've never had a sister, the selfless love exhibited by Grace is exactly what I have always imagined as a sister's relationship. Being there through everything, sharing the ups, downs and in-between. I'll never have that, but I do have that family relationship and it's just as special in my opinion.

This book has it all; relationship ups and downs, family problems, career/life issues.

I hate to sound like a cliche, but this book make me made me cry. And I REALLY hope they follow-up with another book. I'm dying to know what happens to the Higgins Sisters!

The book is available for purchase on Amazon at a GREAT price. But don't buy it yet; see below!

Now, to the part you've all been waiting for......

GIVEAWAY! Five, yes FIVE luckily winners will get an electronic copy of this great book. All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me your favorite genre of book and will select the winners! Giveaway will be open through Sunday, September 23 with the winners chosen on Monday, September 24, 2012.

The authors provided the reviewer with a free copy of the book for the purposes of this review.


  1. My favorite is the quick chick-lit since I don't have a whole lot of time to devote to an in-depth book. I also like the chick-lit sibling: historical fiction.
    My children are into non-fiction books, so guess what I'm reading most these days?

  2. Sounds like a great book!! I don't have a fave genre honestly, but I really enjoy biographies and autobiographies. My least favorite is probably scifi. Have a great day! Spa love!

  3. I am all about the suspense/crime books a la James Patterson. I'm also in the kiddie book phase with my girls so most nights I read "That's Not My Mermaid" 78 times and "If You Give a Pig a Party" about 8 times.

  4. Sounds like a good book! I don't really have a favorite genre, I usually read what ever my friends recommend...and of course kid books with my little ones :)

  5. I love chick lit. Jennifer Weiner is one of my favorite authors. But I will read anything that is fast paced and funny.

  6. I tend to read mostly academic books (I'm working on my PhD), but I love a good mystery and chick lit when I get the time!

  7. i love adventure books! nothing in particular.

  8. This book sounds great! I love chick lit & second Jessica that Jennifer Weiner is my favorite. I'll put this one on my ever growing "to read" list as I'm the same as most of you, it's all kids books over here right now. :)

  9. I love chick lit too! A nice easy read for a busy mom is perfect!

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