Friday, September 28, 2012

The bigger the number, the easier it is?!

Wondering what this is going to be about? Well, this is my re-re-re-re-committment to myself. To my healthy(ish) eating habits, to finally losing the last 15 pounds. AGAIN. I've reached my goal weight twice now. I would like to reach it for the third and FINAL time. Why is it that when I started counting calories and had a LONG way to go, it was so much easier? I was trying to lose 45 pounds. That should be intimidating. However, I have been struggling for several months to re-lose this 10-15 pounds and for whatever reason, I cannot seem to stay motivated to do it.

On my initial weight loss, I just kept going and eventually lost it all. Maybe my issue now is that I've done it before, I know I can do it, so there's not as much pressure? I don't know.

Talking with my mom yesterday about it really renewed my desire to "get it done". I sent Jeff a couple messages telling him that I needed a contest or challenge. He says "lose 15 lbs by 11/1, and you can get an iphone 5". Tempting, but I'm cheap. As much as I want to upgrade, mine is working just fine. I'll get one...eventually. So I sent him a picture of several different outfits from Pinterest that I would love to have "For my closet" (as my board is called). I said "if I can lose 10 pounds by 11/1, can I get a new outfit?" Of course, my techy husband thinks the iphone5 is much more "practical" than clothes, but I think a new cute outfit will motivate me more.

This is the first time that I have set a goal date and a reward if I reach my goal. I'm wondering if it will make a difference for me? Originally, I didn't want the added pressure of having a deadline, but I'm thinking that may help keep me honest right now! 

I WILL be logging everything into MyFitnessPal. Also, I started a "secret" group on Facebook for friends and family that are also trying to lose weight. I know that when I have the accountability and goals, I do so much better. I am so excited by the response that I've gotten to what I'm calling my "weight loss challenge". Hopefully it helps everyone reach their own personal goals; whether it's losing 10 pounds by 11/1, just getting back on track if they have had some set-backs, or getting started.

Yesterday was my official start day. I did GREAT! Now, we have a busy weekend with my father-in-law visiting, Oktoberfest tonight, and moms' weekend away (i.e. good food & drinks). I will need to be strong to make sure I keep my momentum going. I want to succeed. I KNOW I can do it.  So, I'm posting this as a means to help keep me accountable. The more people who know, the better my chances for success, right? (boy, I hope so!)

Have you lost weight, gained some back and had a really hard time losing it again? How did you get it done? Do you set goal dates with rewards for yourself? 


  1. you should be SO proud of yourself for grabbing the bull by the horns and hopping back on the wagon! you can do it!! i about 35 lbs after a breast reduction and luckily kept it all off, but my mom has been in your position a million times! its very difficult, but we are all here to support you! be honest with yourself but don't beat yourself up! you will succeed!! happy friday and spa love!

    1. i lost about 35 is what i meant! LOL

  2. I am struggling to lose the last 10-15 as well. I keep giving myself excuses for not losing it - you're training for a marathon, you are busy, etc. I am planning to ignore all that and get dedicated to tightening up my middle and losing it after I finish Columbus. Until then, I like my desserts, thank you very much!

    Good luck! You will do great!

  3. You CAN do it, Anne! Can I come shopping with you in November? ;)

  4. The last few pounds always do seem to be harder to shed than at the beginning of your weight loss journey when you're so motivated and excited. You can totally do it though! Hard work and determination always pay off! :)

  5. I've SO done this...I am the fittest I've ever been right now at 31....I've learned that no fat burner or shortcut works...just hard work and focus! You go girlie! SPA <3


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