Monday, October 29, 2012

Back to where it all began (Pumpkin Run 5K Race Recap)

So I know that I just stated last week that The Columbus Marathon is my new favorite race. Well, I lied. Just a little. The Columbus Marathon is my favorite LARGE race. The OWU/Delaware 5K Pumpkin Run is my absolute favorite race. It is small. It is local. It starts and finishes in the stadium of my alma mater. It is the race that got me hooked on running!

The first time I ran this race was in 2008. I wasn't a runner. Heck, I didn't even think I could finish the race. I did finish that race and I loved the feeling of crossing the finish line. 2009, about six weeks post c-section, I ran it for the second time. WOW! that felt good to "come back". 2010 I ran it even faster. I skipped running it last year, not knowing how I would feel about two weeks post first Marathon, so Jeff ran it.

This year, I had no plans, no goals. I just wanted to get back to where my running career started. I knew what my PR for the 5K distance was, but I didn't even do the math to figure out what pace I would need to run.

 You have got to love small town races. Our timing chip was to be fastened to our shoes with twisty ties. Definitely helps keep the cost down.

Sweating pink with my Fit Approach laces!
Race morning was about 40*, rainy and windy. Not the best weather for a race, but at least it was for a 5k instead of for the Half Marathon of the previous weekend! When I arrived at the stadium, I was able to look at the race map and see they had changed the course again. They added a big hill into the first mile. Ok, good to know. I met-up with some friends prior to the race, they made some announcements, we headed into the street and we were off! The race was a gun start and chip finish, with no "real" starting line. I watched my pace for about the first .25mile to make sure I didn't start out at a speed I couldn't maintain for the whole race and I'm glad I did as I was running about a 7:44 pace.

The first mile was along the river and it was pretty. I had never run on this road before (because I didn't want to run the hill!). I powered up the hill and even passed 4 people on the way up! My hill training is definitely paying off. At this point, I made the decision to just run based on how I was feeling and see what happened. I didn't think I would PR as it had been a few weeks since I had done any speed work and I ran a Half just six days prior.

We came down the hill, through the parking lot and into the stadium. At this point, we had to run about 3/4 of the way around the track to the finish line. I HATE running on tracks, something about going around in circles.... But, I knew I could do it to finish the race. However, I DID enjoy the feeling of running on the track--wow, that's a nice surface. (I may have to rethink my hatred of them?) Anyway, I was nearing the finish line and saw Jeff and the boys about 100 feet ahead of it. They were able to see me, I could see them, it was great! I crossed the finish line with a big smile on my face, then looked down at my watch. HOLY COW! Yep, my smile got bigger. I knew I had PRd as soon as I saw it. It was a wonderful feeling. I met up with my RunDMC friends and everyone had a great race.

Official time: 25:36.6
Overall place: 35/129
Age Group place: 4/23

Definitely the highest I have ever placed in overall or age group. This was perhaps the least stressful race I have ever run and I do believe that I will be utilizing the run how I feel at future races.

And, of course, I will be back again!

(A little history...2008, no idea as to my finish time, but 2009, 31:54. I've come a long way!)


  1. Wow! That is awesome! Congratulations!!

  2. Congratulations Anne - that is an amazing PR. You'll be breaking 25 next!! Well done.

  3. Great job, and congrats on a great PR! It sounds like a fun race! ~spa~

  4. Congratulations - what an awesome PR!

  5. Thanks, all! It was a fantastic feeling; doing something completely unexpected like that.


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