Monday, October 8, 2012

Which Disney Princess are you?

"All dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them." Walt Disney

That Walt, such a smart man! Until I started running, I don't know that I believed the above statement. Since I started running, I find that not only does it apply to my life as a runner, but to the rest of my life. This sits above my kitchen sink and I look at it a million several times a day. I think it's a good reminder that if you want something, go after it!

With the registration selling out quickly for the Disney World Princess Half Marathon and seeing so many people register for it, I keep thinking of how much fun it would be. Then we started talking on facebook and twitter about what princess we identify with and how we would dress if we ever had the opportunity to run this race. Seriously, click the link and check out the pictures of the race...does that not look like the most fun race?!

Running the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon would be a dream come true for me. Disney World is my favorite place on Earth. The magic. The "Whole New World". The word Disney, conjures up so many thoughts, songs, and images that all lead to a happy place. run through Epcot, past Cinderella's Castle, down Wold Drive and past Spaceship Earth. Plus seeing all my favorite characters along the way?! So, we are pursing our dream, hoping to get the opportunity to run this fantastic race!

I am an extremely lucky person. I have been to Disney World twice (so far) in my life. We went as a family when I was in Jr. High and again as an adult with Jeff and my parents. The two trips were completely different experiences and the most magical vacations. I cannot wait to take my boys to Disney World. Although we won't spend much (if any) time with the princesses, I know it will be the most fun trip yet! I have even started my vacation fund so we can go (hopefully 2014!). I CAN'T WAIT! They are pretty excited, too, and ask us all the time if we can go on a Disney vacation.

The Princess 1/2 Marathon would be all for ME! Part of me feels selfish saying that.....I am a mom first. However, even moms need time to themselves. Running has given me that. Running has helped me figure out who Anne is. Running has helped me form some FANTASTIC friendships. Running has helped improve my health. Running has helped keep me sane in the crazy world of a stay-at-home mom. In a house that is full of cars, trucks, trains, action figures, and dirt, dressing up and pretending to be a princess for a day would be AWESOME! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE playing Legos with the boys, making train tracks, building race tracks, BUT, sometimes a woman just needs to put on a tiara and feel like a princess. The last (and only) time I wore a tiara was my wedding day and I truly felt like a princess that day. Even better, I would run it with my girlfriends and we could all be princesses together!

I am 99% sure that I would dress as Belle for the race. I fell in love with Beauty and the Beast the first time I saw it many years ago. I see a lot of myself in Belle; whether it's having her nose buried in a book, taking care of people, or showing courage by doing what she believes. Plus, she wears some pretty awesome dresses!

What princess would you be? Have you ever runDisney? Did you dress up? 


  1. I love the princesses!!! I dont think I could ever pick a fave! Spa love and happy Monday!

  2. I love Belle as well!

    I'm running the Goofy Challenge in January and have been considering dressing up for the Half portion of the race...if you see a good Belle outfit for a Half Marathon, let me know! :)

    1. I'll let you know if I find anything, Mandy! At one point, I thought I would want to run Goofy, but, not so sure full marathons are for me. :) Sticking to Halfs for now. I can't wait to read all about your races!

  3. I love the Princess half. This will be my 3rd race this upcoming Feb. It is my survivor anniversary and I celebrate each Feb with this fabulous run! I go with my sister sans kids and have a great time. It is nice to get away and have some me time each year. You should do it!

    1. I thought I remembered you and your sister doing this one. I hope to make it there someday (soon!)

  4. I missed the only Disney race I signed up for- foot injury- but we went to Disney anyway and had a great time. I'm not a princess guy, but I do love Tink and might dress up as her...and no, I wouldn't shave my legs...


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