Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's Here, it's here!!!

After all the time spent planning, it's finally here! What you ask? Why, Ragnar Tennessee, of course! What is Ragnar? Well, it's a 196 mile overnight relay race. We will have 12 runners, 2 dedicated drivers, 2 large passenger vans, 36 hours of running, and a whole lot of fun. We won't be the fastest team, but we may just have the most fun!

We started planning this LAST YEAR. You see, it takes a lot of time to A) save up the money for this event and B) find enough people crazy enough to join us! Thank goodness for Jamie, the queen of organization! She has kept us all on track and was the keeper of our lists over the past year. 

Tomorrow, we leave. We drive from Ohio down to Chattanooga, TN for the start Friday morning. We all run anywhere between 10 and 20 miles over the course of three different legs. Each of our legs is approximately 12 hours apart. It will be crazy! So I will be running around lunchtime, then around mid-night, then again the next morning. Not much sleep to be had.

Our team is all newbies to Ragnar, but luckily a few teammates ran a relay in Columbus last year so they know at least a little bit of what we're doing.

Packing has been stressing me out....when I pack for races, I tend to over pack and triple check to make sure I'm not forgetting anything. However, this packing for THREE runs, plus the time in-between is very different. Lots of phone calls, texts and emails with Jamie and Kate to compare lists! 
And that's not everything!
I've been laying out my outfits, shoes, headbands for each leg. My nighttime safety gear (MANDATORY, well, and just plain smart!), my in-between clothes. Whew. I'm tired just talking about it. (and this doesn't even include our food, drinks, games, etc!)

We have read blogs, we've picked other runners' brains, and we've compared lists. Hopefully, we have everything we need to make this an unforgettable experience!

I'm a little nervous about the running, wondering what my body will think after not a whole lot of sleep and a lot of running. But from what I've heard, that's all part of the experience of a Ragnar. 

Non-runners may think this sounds a little crazy, but then again since I became a Marathoner, everyone already thinks that anyway. Yes, I run for FUN! 

Now, I need to head upstairs and figure out how to fit it all (organized) into my bag(s). 

Have you run a Ragnar Relay before? Have you run another relay race? Did you love it? 


  1. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! Weeeeeeeee!

  2. this sounds like so much fun! I recently saw a big magnet on the back of someones car around here about a ragner in our state! can't wait to read your recap! stay safe!

    1. Thanks, Danielle! I hope you get to try the experience sometime!

  3. Hope you have a great time. I have never done a relay but have heard they're an amazing experience.

    1. Thanks, Lisa! Definitely amazing. I highly recommend them!

  4. Hi! Found your blog from a #RagnarTN tweet. My husband and I ran it too (Team 75 Southpointe!) and had the most amazing time. I knew it would be fun, but I had no idea it would be the MOST fun I've had in a LONG time...maybe ever?? Such a great experience. Today, I can barely walk (going downstairs? forget it! Gotta go down backwards or sitting on my butt!) We're already planning next year's team, theme, etc. It was awesome!

    Congrats on finishing and having a good time as well!
    Ellen in Nashville

    1. Hi Ellen! So glad to hear that you had as much fun as we did! We're starting to p,an for either 2913 or 2014. So much fun!


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