Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ragnar Tennessee Relay Race Weekend

I seriously do not even know where to start. My Ragnar Relay Race Weekend was more fun than I could even have imagined! In fact, I tweeted this yesterday:
Wondering how in the world I can accurately recap my Experience? Seriously fantastic and no clue how to put it into words...

When we started planning and looking for our team a year ago, we had heard stories of how fun a relay could be. Then over the past year, I went through many emotions from excitement to fear of the unknown to nervousness. But, FINALLY, the time came!

We chose the Ragnar Tennessee race based on time of year and location. About a 7 hour van trip from central Ohio would make it a little more cost effective than flying to another location. Van rental was able to happen locally and we were all (except for Melissa from NJ) able to travel together. We loaded up two 15 person vans and hit the road. 

Kate, Andrea, and me in the "girls' van".

Yes, we did segregate into a boys' van and a girls' van for the trip down. It was great to all spend time together since we wouldn't necessarily be able to during the race.

We look so well rested and clean, don't we? With no real clue what we were in for the next day!

For such a long trip, the time passed quickly with stories, laughs and of course snacks. We got to Tennessee finally, and every mountain we saw, we wondered if it was on the course or not. 

We picked up Melissa (Jamie's cousin) from the airport and headed over to check-in to our hotel. From there we decided to head to the Olive Garden for a team dinner. 

I won't get into the saga that was dinner, but at least we had good food and fun times!

Gorgeous scenery along the way

Team: We Thought They Said RUM!
12 runners and 2 drivers

We headed back to the hotel and got ready for bed, hoping to get at least a little bit of sleep. Other than waking up at 5:00 am and being unable to go back to sleep, it was a good night's sleep.

***11/15 update with more pictures as I was able to retrieve mine!***


  1. I love the clean and well rested photos!

    1. Thanks, Mandy! We had NO clue what we were in for :)


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