Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ragnar TN Relay, Day 2 Continues

Another successful handoff with Van2 and we were off to the next major exchange to hopefully catch some sleep. Six runners and a driver in a van with three bench seats...got a little crowded. We got it figured out and we all quickly went to sleep. For whatever reason, we all started waking up about 2.5 hours later and good thing we did as Van2 had made up time and were 30minutes ahead of schedule! We scrambled to use the indoor plumbing at the school where we were parked for the exchange and start doing our pre-run rituals.

On our trip down to Tennessee on Thursday, we were a little snobby about our choice of rest areas. By Saturday morning, we were thankful for anything that was NOT a port-a-potty. Definitely gave me a new appreciation for indoor plumbing! You know, when you see a man walk into a port-a-potty, immediately leave, try another one and then say "I"ll just wait until the next exchange", as a woman, you KNOW that's bad!

We got Melissa off and headed down to cheer for her along her third leg. At this point, I was popping ibuprofen like crazy. I had muscle soreness which I expected, but I also had a pain in my right leg. I was hoping that I could ignore it for my final leg of six miles.

It was finally my turn. The end was in sight! The sun had come up for a gorgeous morning, but it was still only about 7:15am (central) when I took off which is officially "night hours" (4pm to 8am) for Ragnar. That meant that I had to wear my headlamp, blinking butt lights and my vest. I would rather have not worn it all since it was quite bright outside, but do appreciate how much they look out for our safety.

I started trucking along and started getting warm. The temperature had said 37*F when I started so I opted for a short-sleeved shirt and a jacket. After a mile, I realized with that sun, that wasn't going to work. So here I was, running down the side of the road, trying to take my jacket off, keeping my vest on and not stop running! I had to be a funny sight! I was determined that I would not slow our team down, that I would keep up my time for them.

My legs thought differently. The muscle soreness, I could ignore, but at about 2.5 miles or maybe closer to mile 3, with every step I took on my right leg I had shooting pain and it buckled a couple times. Uh, oh. I quickly texted Jamie to tell her NOT to change yet, that I might need to hand off. I wanted someone to be ready just in case I needed it. I kept going, but it was getting slower and slower. I had another decent sized downhills that the knee just did NOT like. The pain was exactly like I had last year while training for my first marathon. I tore the meniscus on my right knee; not a good thing to do!

Definitely not as bas as the others, but see all that down? Yeah, that
did it....

Leg 3:
Elevation Gain: 105ft
Elevation Loss: 103ft
Distance: 3.58 miles
Total time: 35:05
Avg pace: 10:01
Total miles run at Ragnar: 15.35 miles

My van found me along the road, I stopped to talk to them, and it was decided that Jamie would take over. I was devastated for a while, but I knew I needed to get back home the following day "whole". I have a very important job to do and my kids are too young to have mommy laid-up for a week (or more!). There will be people that think I "sand-bagged" the run, but I know had I kept going, it would have just gotten worse. I actually practiced what I am always preaching to my friends "Listen to your body, it's smarter than your brain." A good friend said to me a couple days after the race; "Did you come home whole for your family? Did you have fun? Would you do it again?" As sad as I was to not finish my third leg, I know it was the right decision for me. As runners, one of the hardest things we have to do is make the decision to stop.

The rest of our van finished up and we headed to the final major exchange. We met up with the rest of our team and I had some more tears and a few pictures.
Van 1 is DONE! 

Thank you to my Van1 Teammates for your awesome support, for letting me be upset for a little bit, then making me get over it. You guys are AWESOME! Thank you to Jamie for picking up my leg and finishing it; you definitely went above and beyond with the extra miles. Thank you to driver Kurt for meeting me out there, for the chocolate milk and just for being an awesome supporter during the race!

Finally....FOOD! We headed to Jimmy John's where food is "Freaky Good, Freaky Fast" and yes, it was. It disappeared in record time! Now the waiting game started......

**Thanks to my Kate, Jamie, and Greg for all the pictures that I've used.

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  1. Ew...I forgot about the porta potties at my/Melissa's exchange! So glad I used the high school's bathrooms!
    I'm glad you came home whole. You are my inspiration, BRF.

  2. You totally rock and good for you for listening to your body!!

    1. Thank you! One of the most difficult parts of running is the listening part.

  3. You did the right thing. I promised I would assault you if I heard otherwise.

    1. Thanks for always being there with support! Love you!

  4. Awesome recap! I can relate to this: On our trip down to Tennessee on Thursday, we were a little snobby about our choice of rest areas. By Saturday morning, we were thankful for anything that was NOT a port-a-potty.

    1. Thanks! Amazing how the perspective changes so quickly, isn't it?!

  5. Man, are you okay now? How is the leg? Definitely a SMART move - you in NO WAY sand bagged your run! I say KUDOS!!

    1. Thanks, Deanna! The leg is getting better as long as I stay off the downhills for another week or so (I think). I'm running, just being careful and smart.

  6. You made the right call! That is so hard to do, huge kudos to you. I hope your leg is all healed up now!


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