Thursday, January 17, 2013


Sunday marks the beginning of new things for me. While it's my second trail race, in many ways it feels like my first. What I mean by that is it's my first trail race of any distance. I have actually trained some for this. I've been on the same trail as the race. I know what I'm getting into. Sort of.

When I ran the Sugarcreek 5 Mile Race last summer, I had NO clue what I was getting into. I knew nothing about the trails. I had no idea how to pace myself for a trail race. Simply put, I headed out for a 5 mile race. Yeah....trail races don't work that way!

The Rocks and Roots Trail Race Series starts this Sunday. I will be running the 20k option (it's a 10k loop and you can run it once or 5 times or anywhere in between). Based on my training runs, I
expect know it will be slow. Hopefully not as slow as our training runs since there shouldn't be a ton of snow and ice, but it IS Ohio, so anything is possible.

Last time I was on the trail, it looked like this: Winter Running Tips

While it's beautiful with the snow, it would be great if it was just frozen. I can wish all I want, right?

My biggest concern about this race is lining up in the right place. Since it's a single track, I don't want to get stuck behind too many slower people (as if there will be any slower than me!) but I also don't want to be in the wrong place and block too many faster runners.

I'm excited to get experience for my upcoming goal race in May. It will definitely be good to see how I do and just get more trail running under my belt.


  1. I almost signed up for Rocks and Roots race, I wanted the hoody, just being honest

  2. That's funny.:) The hoodie is AWESOME! So comfy that i could live in it.

  3. I'm excited for you! Have a fantastic race!

  4. Have a great race! Trail races are so much fun! With my running limited for life, I think I may really only do trail races (except triathlons/ duathlons) since I love them so much more than the road.

  5. Thanks, Erik! As I was out running on the road this morning, I kept thinking about how excited I am to head to the woods on Sunday!

  6. Good luck! Don't worry too much about placement - it will all even out after you get started and people find their pace.

  7. Thank you! I know that typically happens at road races, just had no clue what to expect on a single track. Should be fun and just found out we get trees for a finisher award! I'm excited about that :)

  8. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the ground will be frozen tomorrow. I can't wait to see you. I'm ready to get my cheer on! :)

  9. Thanks, Jamie! It could be a muddy mess out there, but thinking that *might* be easier than the snow and ice of a few weeks ago. Maybe :)


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