Happy New Year!

Well, it’s been a REALLY long time since I’ve been on here. 2014 was quite the year. It was a lesson in life for so many reasons. We ended 2014/started 2015 exactly the way I want this new year to continue; with friends, family, and LOTS of laughter.

This past year taught me a lot about myself. I grew in many different ways. Some of the highlights of 2014 that I didn’t take the time to write about:
  • Mohican Forget the PR 25k Trail Race
Not sure of what mile this way, but just look at that waterfall!
This was the hardest and most beautiful race I have ever run. I would run it again if I hadn’t missed out on the registration—it sold out in less than a day! The scenery, wow, I just can’t say enough about it. We had a fun hike through the river, a hand over hand climb up the roots of a tree, and hills bigger and steeper than any that I’ve attempted running. Yes, I will be back again!
  • Volunteering at Playin’ Possum 50k. I was originally supposed to run this one, but well, LIFE, got in the way last year and I didn’t get the training in. So, I did the next best thing and volunteered! I love volunteering for trail races; it is such a great experience and if I don’t run the race this year, I will definitely be helping the runners again! And by the way, if you’ve ever thought about running a 50k and live in central OH (or can get here easily) REGISTER for this race!!!! From the Race Directors, to the runners, to the course, this is TOP NOTCH. Plus, it’s a gentle course, so for the first time going this distance, it’s a good one.
  • Spent a few weekends on the water teaching friends and family how to SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) with the help of  Project 908.
    Trying to keep my balance and try SUP Yoga all at the same time.

    SUP is one of my all time favorite things to do. The time I spend paddling on the water, is so calming and peaceful, I feel so refreshed when I’m done! Nate, the owner of Project 908 makes his own boards right here in central Ohio and they are awesome! If I ever have some spare money lying around, I will definitely be buying a board from him.  In the meantime, I will keep renting them every chance I get!

  • We rented a beach house with three other friends’ families and had a BLAST! (and I got to introduce the ladies to SUP in the Outer Banks!) We will be vacationing with friends again this year, in fact, the reservations have already been made and we’re going to try out a different beach that most of us haven’t been to yet.
  • I started a job (outside of being a mom). Yes, this could partially explain where the rest of my “free” time went. A fantastic opportunity presented itself where I can work part-time from home and I took it. It’s been a learning experience for the whole family; trying to balance working with the kids’ schedules, school, volunteer activities, running, exercise, etc. It’s a constantly adjusting schedule, but I am enjoying it and I’m thankful for the opportunity.
  • KickBoxing. I tried it. I love it! My amazing friend, Bobbi (who is currently building her blog), had been bugging encouraging me to try the class for a while, but I was afraid. Kickboxing?! Not for me. So a few other lovely ladies that I attend other fitness classes with finally convinced me. Cardio Kickboxing. I went. I almost passed out (yes, it’s that hard of a class), and I LOVED it. It’s such a different workout and I felt amazing when we were done. Of course, I’ve been back every week! This amazing woman (and fitness instructor, wellness coach, and fantastic friend) has brought me outside of my comfort zone and introduced me to many things that I now really enjoy. She started fitness challenges to help us manage our weight through the holidays (most of us even lost weight instead of gained during the holidays!), I’ve discovered important things about how my body works (apparently HIIT and heavier weights is the way to go). She writes workout calendars for us along with “extra” exercises for every day and I’m excited to see what we accomplish in 2015! (side note: if you want in on the challenges, let me know. I can get you connected with her!
These are just a few of the highlights from my year. We had TONS of fun family adventures, I had the pleasure of introducing some runners to the wonders of the trails, and we are just enjoying life every day.
I don’t set New Year’s Resolutions, but I do try to plan out some goals for the year.
In 2015,
  • I plan to run more trails (I didn’t do this nearly enough in 2014)
  • Continue with the variety of exercise; running (because I do still love it), kickboxing, hopefully more Barre classes, and weight training
  • I’m striving to live more simply, to live in the moment
  • Spend quality time with good friends (like I said, the way we ended 2014 is the way I plan to continue!)
  • Have exciting adventures with my family
  • Continue practicing gratitude every day
  • Keep up with my hobbies that often get pushed to the side (scrapbooking is one of these and luckily, I have a great group of women that I go on Scrapbooking weekends with so that helps me keep up!)
  • Spend more time paddling on the water
There will be more goals, I’m sure, as the year goes on; but I’ve learned to focus on today more than anything in this past year.
Enjoy life, my friends, One Mile at a Time…..

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